South Carolina Utility Rules and Regulations

SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina Law requires any contractors or individuals to contact a state certified utility location company at least 72 hours prior to digging or performing any type of excavating.. This program is put in place to limit utility damage., in order to comply with SC Law, uses Palmetto Utility Protections Services, Inc. (PUPS), for all of its utility locates. Per PUPS website:

“The South Carolina STATE LAW requires that excavators give a 72-Hour notice, (3 working days excluding weekends and holidays), for the locators to get out to mark the area. After a ticket has been processed, you will know when you are legally free to proceed with the digging work and which utilities in the area P.U.P.S. will be notifying for you. Any utilities that P.U.P.S. does not notify, you will be responsible for notifying directly. The Utility Companies ask that you leave a 2 1/2 feet margin on each side of a marked utility line. Also note that your request is good for 15 working days after it has been processed by our system.”

While we understand that there are certain circumstances where following this law may seem inconvenient, will remain in full compliance. will now contact PUPS on ALL orders regarding installation.  The newly increased costs for installation are reflected in taking on this responsibility.

Please note that NO ORDERS REGARDING INSTALLATION WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT PROPER PUPS INFORMATION DOCUMENTED ON THE GOATLAS.COM ORDER PAGE. Improper information, or falsified information will transfer legal liabilities to the customer.

If you have any questions, please Click Here to contact us.

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