CBU’s and Structures

At GoAtlas, Inc., we strive to stay ahead of all the latest trends in homebuilding and development. One of these trends of late has been the advent of centralized community mailboxes, or Cluster Box Units (CBU’s). As an area’s population increases and new neighborhoods appear, a burden has begun to grow on the shoulders of our postal system and mail carriers. To help ease this burden, some postmasters in certain municipalities have begun requiring new developments to use a centralized community mailbox system as opposed to individual, curbside mailboxes.  This has helped lessen the strain on our postal system, while increasing efficiency and the timeliness of mail delivery.

There are several USPS approved community mailboxes to choose from. From pedestal mounted cluster box units to wall mounted units designed for apartment or condo use, GoAtlas, Inc. will help you choose the right product for your application. Need a turnkey shelter and mailbox solution? We’ll work with your company and local postmaster to come up with a design that fits your community’s needs.

At this time, we are proud to offer these services in the following markets:

  • SOUTH CAROLINA: Entire State
  • NORTH CAROLINA: Eastern NC, Charlotte, and Raleigh
  • GEORGIA: Eastern GA